Vehicle / School Bus Tracking

School Management and Parents are always worried and concerned about the safety and security of their ward’s transport. TrackNKnow provides the best GPS solutions for tracking a school bus, bus routes, monitors the drivers and ensures a child safety.


Animal Tracking

It is very difficult to manage one’s oxen and other livestock. TrackNKnow’s Animal Tracking System helps to manage and track one’s cattle and other livestock. This system helps track the path and monitors the animals. The Geofence Systems of our TackNKnow can be drawn for safety and security of your livestock.


Fleet management

TrackNKnow provides a highly sophisticated fleet management system. TrackNKnow provides a real time tracking updates of your fleet (trucks, cars, motorcycles) which helps to improve the efficiency of your fleet as well as increase your bottom-line.


Personnel Tracking

As a parent, one is constantly concerned about the wellbeing and safety of little ones. A tracking device is immensely useful for you to know about the location and send emergency alerts to you. A person can monitor and take care of the children remotely by communicating with the child through the GPS device using TrackNKnow’s technology.




Real time Vehicle details

Real time tracking is the GPS system that can transmit the collected information about the vehicle after regular intervals.

This information can generally observe on a computer screen and we can check the exact position of our vehicle

We can get an accurate sense of where a vehicle is and when it’s expected to arrive at its destination.


School Bus and Student Tracking


Driver Identification

TrackNKnow is innovative in introducing its best feature of driver identification with RFID or other identification mechanisms.

Vehicle Identification

Now-a-days, vehicle identification is very important function to many. TrackNNow has proven to be very useful and affordable solution to address this concern.

Trip and Path Identification

To keep your device and path in control. Path identification module is very helpful. It gives information about path, speed, rout, and map trace.


This GPS software will help user to track all change of state of device. The event likes device starts, stop, mobility, tracking and identification need to catch efficiently. Tracknknow can track all these events effectively and accurately. All automated events will be sent by message or email.


Device start, device stop, immobilization, fencing, and all events can track and control by this software. Device management software platforms ensure that end-users benefit from plug and play data services for whatever device they are using.


Control/Status: Which selects / shows the mode of operation of the device. The Inventory management system of GPS allow to track and control the device. activated status and inactivated devices can managed by users.


Other Services

Parking Notification

Vehicle or device parking location and positions will be tracked

Vehicle speed & Notification

Track your vehicle and vehicle speed get notified accurately.

Door Open Notification

Authentication process will be carried out for door open identification process.

Customer tracking

Customer location tracking and path selection is one of best feature of the software.

Tracking of each Device

Tracking of each device with notification and alarm to avoid malfunctioning and misuse.


Ac and other logs devices can be controlled

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"I like livestock, I like to innovate, I like to try new things and I like to control my animals. Before using TrackNKnow Cattle Tracking Software, I had to look for the animals going around and round, thanks to Tracknknow, now I can manage the herds from anywhere. I may know if bulls are out of the farm by getting emergency alert. TrackNKnow team support is very nice and helps me all the time"

- Derrick Gitau -Kenya

"I have reviewed almost all existing GPS software solutions for vehicle tracking with features like monitoring and alerting for my company. The features which Tracknknow provides have the latest technologies and has efficient algorithms with a reasonable cost. The TrackNKnow focuses on accurate prediction of an arrival time and real time positions of vehicles. That’s what I wanted, I am happy and absolutely satisfied with GPS device tracking features of TrackNKnow. Thanks to TrackNKnow team for wonderful support."

- Mr. Mohammed Al-Qahtani -Saudi Arabia

"We are a travel agency specialised in providing transport services to schools based in various cities in Middle East. TrackNKnow is a GPS system which monitors and tracks the school buses. It also keeps track of bus stops where they pick up and drop children. I also like the fact that TrackNKnow records and alerts speed limit violations. The system is precisely accurate in tracking locations arrival and departure times. The alerts we received through TrackNKnow are very informative and can be customised. Our clients and parents / guardians are happy because of this safety features. We are thankful to ArnAmy who has given this highly accurate Tracknknow GPS solution."

- Mr. Imran AL Abbasi -Qatar



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